the mother wants to file a civil suit


The mother of Granby's granddaughter, who died as a result of abuse and neglect last April, will file a civil lawsuit by the end of September.

Dominique Talbot
Dominique Talbot
The Press

"There have been serious breaches of the duty of protection of this little girl from many stakeholders. There were many alarm signals that were sent, especially to the DPJ. Calls to the police have also been made. (…) People will have to be accountable, "says Me Valérie Assouline, the mother's lawyer.

The lawyer said that the prosecution, which could reach several million, will include the Directorate of Youth Protection (DPJ) Estrie, the CIUSSS Estrie, as well as doctors, schools and the school board that the child attended.

A wave of sadness and indignation went through Quebec at the end of April when the death of little Alicia * was announced. The previous day, she had been found tied up and in critical condition in a Granby residence.


Neighbors had left flowers and stuffed animals in front of the girl's residence.


The father of the 30-year-old girl, who had custody of her, is now facing criminal negligence charges resulting in death, kidnapping, abandonment of a child and failure to provide her with things essential to life.

He asked earlier this week for bail pending his trial. His 36-year-old wife is accused of unpremeditated murder, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

In the Youth Court's decisions on her, it was learned that the child had experienced many traumas throughout her life. It was possible to learn that she had been raised by inadequate, abusive parents with a history of sexual assault.

For example, in a judgment of May 30, 2018 of the Youth Chamber, the judge had followed the recommendation of the DPJ by keeping the little Alicia and her brother at the home of their father and their mother-in-law, despite indications of "Educational neglect, physical abuse and psychological abuse".

"We can not have such a long hierarchy at the DPJ and no one is responsible. (…) We can not be without accountability in the system. She did not die of an accident, says Mme Assouline. She died of serious negligence for years. She was in danger and no one in the system was there for her.

"We have here a mother who did not forget her daughter and who, like many others, has issued alarm signals. She was ignored, as if she did not exist, adds the lawyer. Someone must be responsible. "

"We learned it today. Since the lawsuit is not yet filed, we will not comment, "said Press Annie-Andrée Émond, spokesperson for the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS.

* Fictitious name

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