The mother of the martyred daughter of Granby will file a civil suit over $ 5 million


The mother of the Granby girl, who died last April as a result of ill-treatment, intends to file a lawsuit of more than $ 5 million in civil suits by the end of September, according to TVA Nouvelles.

Montreal lawyer Valérie Assouline, who represents the mother of the 7-year-old girl free of charge, said the lawsuit would target the Youth Protection Branch (DYP) as well as other organizations.

"We are pursuing all the players who should have defended this child. There were a lot of speakers. We are talking about the DYP which was supposed to protect her and who did not do it, we are talking about hospitals, doctors, schools, the school board, "she explained in an interview.

"The mother denounced, decried what she saw. We are talking about a child who has died over the years. Who was quite healthy when she was at her grandmother's, and then visibly wasting away. How come nobody has acted to protect this child? "

It must be remembered that the father of the girl will return to court Thursday to obtain his freedom pending further proceedings.

The father is accused of criminal negligence causing death, kidnapping, abandonment of a child and failing to provide the necessaries of life for his daughter while in need.

The mother-in-law of the child faces accusations of unpremeditated murder.

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