The main federal parties want to curb tariffs and wireless Internet | Elections Canada 2019


Even before the start of the official campaign for the next federal election, which will take place on October 21, the major parties are already promising to find ways to limit increases in telecom rates.

New Democrats tabled their plan to cut rates for wireless and Internet services in June, committing to a cap on monthly bills. According to their estimates, this process would save households about $ 10 a month for each service.

In their campaign program underway, Justin Trudeau's Liberals pledge to cut costs for cell phones and the Internet by capping monthly bills or forcing major service providers to offer mobile network operators wholesale access to their infrastructure.

Andrew Scheer's Conservatives had criticized the Liberals for their inefficiency on the subject, but they did not come up with their own plan to deal with the rising cost of households.

Industry stakeholders warn that attempts to set rates could result in reduced investments in network infrastructure, particularly as Canada moves toward 5G development across the country.

John Lawford of the Public Interest Advocacy Center says that if Internet, mobile and other telecommunication service rates are so prevalent on the political ground, it is because service providers did nothing to get away from the party radars.

According to OpenMedia, a consumer organization, large telecommunications companies have abused customers in Canada for too long and a change is long overdue.

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