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The success of Master key has grown even faster than the good fat vegetables from Fardoche. In one winter only, the remake of this cult youth series reached the top spot of Télé-Québec's most watched productions – all categories combined – with its 400,000 chicks screwed in front of their TV at 6 pm.

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Hugo Dumas
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In one winter only, the new version of Master key reached first place in Télé-Québec's most watched productions – all categories combined.

And these impressive numbers do not include online views, which still elude Numeris counters. The craze for Master key significantly enhanced the influence of early evening magazines as It's worth it, Family format and The McSween Index. "When we come to Télé-Québec, we stay there. And that's what happened this winter, "notes Télé-Québec's director of programs, Denis Dubois.

As of October 7, 40 new episodes of Master key will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday (one more night!) to cement the routine of toddlers. The handling of puppets, not quite broken last year, has also been fine-tuned, we are told.


The distribution of Master key : Élodie Grenier, Gabrielle Fontaine, Jean-François Pronovost and Widemir Normil

Just about all of Télé-Québec's popular titles (Two men in gold, The snipers, Belle and bum, This year, In the media, Awesome !) have been renewed for the 2019-2020 season, which will unfold gradually starting September 9th.

On the news side, Télé-Québec launches the magazine I mix Stéphane Bellavance, who replaces Smart kitchen, parents in a hurry.

How to eat more locally and reduce your ecological footprint? I mix, whose filming will take place in the region, will distill stuff, without feeling guilty gourmands. First broadcast: Tuesday, September 17 at 7:30 pm

The excellent docuserie 180 days Leaving Gérard-Filion Longueuil to move to Saint-Henri High School, located in the Montreal neighborhood of the same name. In the first episode, which will take place on Thursday, September 12 at 8 pm, a student falls into cardio-respiratory arrest. This versatile host includes 21 classes for newcomers.

On guard 24/7, that I love (hello, Dre Mottard!), Begin again on Thursday, November 7th at 8 pm Same hospital, same dedicated staff and an episode dedicated to busy emergencies during the holiday season.

In February, the new documentary The crazy race will follow four teams from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, who are playing their financial future during the nine weeks of the lobster fishing season. The first images titillated the great lover of docurealities in me.

The new season of Like me! resumes on Monday 9 September at 10 pm, while Clovis, the spin off of Family tips, takes off Monday, September 16 at 18 h 30. Clovis (Sam-Eloi Girard) will begin its fifth year of high school.


Marie-Soleil Dion, Sébastien Diaz and Bianca Gervais at the launch of Télé-Québec's 2019-2020 season programming

By the way, do not look for Two men in gold in the fall grid of Télé-Québec. Its broadcast was moved to winter to allow Patrick Lagacé to devote himself entirely to his new home-entertainment show at 98.5 FM.

Another absentee noticed: the eighth and possibly last season of Homeland, which has not yet been presented in English either. I'll have to wait another year, I guess.

The third season of House of Cards starts on Tuesday, September 10 at 9 pm As for Curious Béginhe will take the road in the spring to celebrate his 12e season with BBQ in mass and a lot of vino, hello

We'll have to wait until January 6th to watch the second season of the favorite series Can you hear me ? from Florence Longpré. I saw excerpts yesterday and I can not wait for winter to reconnect with Ada (Florence Longpré), Carolanne (Ève Landry) and Fabiola (Mélissa Bédard).

The action will resume two years later. Ada comes out of prison and tries to pick up her broken friendships. Big scoop, ending. Netflix, Club illico and bought the broadcast rights for the first season of Can you hear me ?, according to my spies. The official announcement is scheduled for mid-September.

You read correctly: the giant Netflix will relaiera Can you hear me ? all around the world from October, just like and Club illico in Quebec. It is well deserved for this super original production, which will grab several Gemini in two weeks, that's for sure.

Great Derry girls!

It's a little gem of comedy. It is called Derry Girls and Netflix offers the first two seasons in English, with French subtitles. Really, it's tasty. I swallowed the first chapter (six episodes of 30 minutes) in one evening.


In Derry Girlsfour teenage girls live in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Four smart teens – excluding the eccentric Orla – are living in Derry, Northern Ireland. As Derry Girls takes place in the early 90s, it is full of cultural references of this time (Salt-N-Pepa, Snow), but also historical. Because these teenagers are trying to lead their normal lives as teenagers as the conflict between Catholics and Protestants intensifies.

All the characters, from the working class, were well defined: the grumpy grandfather, the esoteric aunt, the hated English cousin, the sarcastic schoolmaster.

The accent and the slang Irish people sometimes get in trouble. But just add the subtitles and get ready to laugh very loudly.

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