The lifeguards of Capbreton post a postcard lost by a young vacationer


Lifeguard Masters do not only save the swimmers in distress on our beaches. They also save our postcards. That's what happened to Theodore, a nine-year-old Lyonnais vacationing in Capbreton. The MNS found his letter in front of the Savane beach rescue station and posted it right after. A few days later, she arrived at her destination on Monday morning at the house of Theodore's aunt in Paris.

Theodore dropped the postcard before a maneuver of the MNS Capbreton

It all starts on Santocha beach in Capbreton, Theodore and his father are watching a maneuver of Lifeguard Masters on their SUV. At this moment, he drops the postcard he had in his hand. "A real head in the air", laughs his aunt Morgane.

Martin Ruiz, lifeguard, at the Savane rescue station in Capbreton, falls on it: "I saw the letter and I thought it might be nice if I went to post it.The little one was really cute, he wrote" Tata Kisses ", and Martin Ruiz even allowed himself to add a little word at the bottom of the postcard: "I wrote a kiss of the MNS of Capbreton for the" tata ".

For the anecdote, little Theodore sent a second letter from Capbreton. This time to his grandmother but no luck, this one will never happen, the young Lyonnais has forgot to put a stamp.

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