the lifeguards are more vigilant than ever


With the heat of this summer, the number of drownings is rising sharply in France. This requires increased vigilance on the part of rescuers, such as Grayan-and-L'Hospital, Gironde, where they are a dozen to watch the bathing holidaymakers. Because here, the danger is everywhere. "The risk, it can be the small tasks of current that can be, with the ascents of water", explains Sébastien Lafage, peacekeeper.

So that nothing escapes them, the points of supervision are numerous, that it is high chairs on the sand or a lookout which overhangs the beach. As everywhere in France, the number of drownings is increasing, with + 30% in July. "The more people there are, the more risky behaviors are present", says Brigadier Chief Franck Jutel, chief of the beach.

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