The Huawei Mate 30 will have to do without Google Play and the Google – Tech ecosystem


Google has warned that the state of the future, Huawei smartphones like the Mate 30 will not benefit from its software ecosystem.

Are you planning to change your smartphone in the coming months and are you following the builder's upcoming announcements closely? If so, there is probably a brand you need to be careful about: Huawei. Indeed, the next models of the Chinese manufacturer will simply be delivered without Google Play and other Google services.

This was said by a spokesman for the Mountain View firm in Reuters on August 28, 2019, while the horizon appears on the horizon the release of Mate 30, the next flagship of Huawei. The reason is geopolitical: the United States is in a trade war with China and Huawei is subject to major trade restrictions on the grounds that its activities may be a danger to national security.

The Mate X could also go out without the Google ecosystem. // Source: Youtube / Huawei Mobile

Reprieve that does not cover everything

Admittedly, Huawei benefited in May from a three-month reprieve, which was extended in August by another three months. However, these two respites, which apply on the one hand under conditions, on the other hand exclude future smartphones. Only those who are already out in the trade, before May 16th. However, the presentation of Mate 30 and its variant, the Mate 30 Pro, is expected in mid-September.

This is obviously not the only model that will be in this situation: the Mate X, which is a foldable smartphone, should also be denied access to software environments that come from the United States. But because of their weight in the world of smartphones (Android has even been the reason for condemnation of Google by the European Commission for abuse of dominant position), their absence constitutes a huge competitive disadvantage. Customers, aware of this lack, would have reasons to go elsewhere.

In principle, Huawei still has the possibility to release these new devices, but it will not be able to equip them with the Google ecosystem. While the Chinese manufacturer has presented this summer its parade, HarmonyOS to replace Android, but its deployment is not on the agenda. The company says it wants to focus on Android, whose access is not forbidden for now, being a free and open OS.

HarmonyOS, Huawei's ultimate riposte if he had to cross on Android.

What luck for an Android without Google in the West?

What success could have a smartphone not benefiting from the very popular services of the American giant? To the extent that the ecosystem built by Google has managed to nestle in the heart of the digital daily life of a considerable number of individuals, we can reasonably doubt that they can – or want to – take a leap into the unknown, especially if the alternatives are not up to par.

While this may not be a handicap for some markets, like China, which has a software environment very different from the one usually faced by mobile users in the West, others, like Europe, might want flee terminals that do not offer a very clear horizon. What about access to mobile applications or security updates?

Obviously, this situation is not fixed and definitive, but its resolution is neither in the hands of Google, nor in those of Huawei. It is between Beijing and Washington that this is happening, and the recent rise of fever between the two countries – new taxes have been announced on both sides – does not augur a quick exit from the crisis, even if both parties are willing to discuss.

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