the Huawei Mate 30 will be deprived of Android!


Donald Trump continues to die hard for Chinese companies, and Huawei is paying the price. The electronics giant, however, managed to negotiate a break of 90 additional days (until the end of November) to trade with the Americans, after which it will be prohibited any collaboration. Despite this reprieve, Huawei should not be able to launch its next Mate 30 with the operating system of Google, Android.

A launch maintained

It is Google itself, through a spokesperson, who told our colleagues from Reuters that the next Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro can not be marketed with an official Android version. Huawei would not be destabilized and would still plan an official launch on September 18, in Munich.

While US companies officially have the opportunity to request an exception on some specific products to continue to trade with Chinese companies, Google did not release on the subject – and no one knows if the Mountain View firm intends to claim his right to the US government. Google, however, confirmed a few weeks ago that he wanted to continue to equip Huawei with its operating system.

What alternative for Huawei?

To circumvent this ban, Huawei has several possibilities. The first is to use his famous home operating system, HarmonyOS, which could allow Chinese to reduce its dependence on Google. Huawei also said in early August that its first smartphone under this OS would be officially presented by the end of the year. Several rumors, however, announce that the software is not yet completed.

The second option for Huawei would be to rely on a generic and open source version of the Android operating system – without official license from Google. In this case as in the other, it would not allow Huawei to have access to applications like Google Maps, YouTube, Drive or Gmail. In addition, the ban imposed by the Trump administration does not allow him to access US social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.

Until then, we can still expect a turnaround. Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly confirmed to Reuters that "Huawei will continue to use the Android operating system and the ecosystem (Google) if the US government allows us." Case to follow.

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