The hidden ingredients of vegetable meat


Plants, but not only. To offer the consumer a taste experience that is as close as possible to the meat, the plants – peas, wheat or soy according to brands – are not enough. Vegetable steaks are also highly processed products, which contain, according to recipes, about twenty ingredients, including coconut oil to mimic fat or methylcellulose (derived from wood cellulose) to agglomerate the ingredients. elements between them.

One of the great challenges of
these food innovations

    has also been to "bleed" the fake meat. While Beyond Meat is adding beetroot for its red color, Impossible Foods has found what, he says, sets it apart from the competition: the heme, which gives its red color and its particular taste to blood (because it contains an iron atom). Since it is also present in some plants, including soybeans, Impossible Foods' "cooks" have used a genetically modified yeast (therefore GMO) that "expresses" the soy leghemoglobin gene. It is this yeast which, by a fermentation process, makes it possible to produce an industrial quantity of heme at a reasonable cost. Beyond Meat, for its part, does not want GMO ingredients or soy in its burgers.

Less cholesterol

This summer, the US Food Safety Authority (FDA) allowed soybean leghemoglobin to be added to the list of additives, thereby allowing Impossible Foods to sell its meatless burgers in the retail trade – it was already authorized by flow through the restaurants.

The health benefits – or the least damage – of vegetable hamburgers can be seen in Burger King's nutritional properties of the comparative composition of his traditional Whopper burger and his "Impossible" twin: if the calorie intake of his Whooper traditional (660 calories) is not far removed from its "twin" herbal (630), the cholesterol content of the second is much lower, with 10 mg for the burger steak plant, against 90 mg for the Whopper classic. With a level of protein almost equivalent.

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