the head of the Metz supporters denounces "the stupidity of the professional football league"


The match of Ligue 1 between Metz and Paris was briefly interrupted by the referee Friday night, after the deployment of a banner deemed homophobic. Several meetings have been suspended since the beginning of the season.

"We just wanted to show the nonsense of the Professional Football League (LFP)"explained Xavier Schmitt, boss of the group messin supporters Génération Grenat, France Bleu Lorraine Nord. Friday, August 30, the Ligue 1 match between FC Metz and PSG was interrupted for three minutes by the referee after the deployment in the stands of a banner deemed homophobic.

The phrase marked on the banner, "LFP, PSG, let me sing you to go do you in …, I will not go on TV, because words are not very gay", refers to the song Balance what of the Belgian artist Angèle. "The delegate (referee) took this as homophobic words, we just wanted to show the stupidity of the LFP, since we take a tube that passes on all radios, and the delegate thinks it's homophobic"said the supporter after the meeting.

"The delegate came to see me immediately and told me that the banner had to be removed, otherwise he would stop the match and we would lose the meeting, I asked him to tell me what the homophobic words were on this banner. could not answer me and he left, denounced Xavier Schmitt.

Since the beginning of the season of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, several matches have been interrupted after homophobic songs or the deployment of banners deemed homophobic. Professional football league president Nathalie Boy de la Tour announced on Thursday (August 29th) that she will meet on September 5th. "anti-homophobia associations, the national supporters 'association and some other supporters' associations so that we can debate together ".

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