the greenguard between Cambridge and Sussex


This summer, the tabloids scrutinized Harry and Meghan's movements, questioning the sincerity of the princely couple's commitment to the environment.

By Cécile Ducourtieux Posted today at 03:15, updated at 06:29

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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle fly in 2018.
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle fly in 2018. RICK RYCROFT / AFP


Fortunately there are the "Royals" to distract the British from Brexit. In the UK, the media spent the month of August hunting down Prince Andrew, Elisabeth II's second son, questioning his long-term friendship with the scandalous Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of sexual abuse and found dead in his US prison. . But they also replayed the Cambridge match (the couple William and Kate) against the Sussex (the couple Harry and Meghan). With a clear advantage for the first ones. At stake, a subject not so trivial: their respective uses of the aircraft.

It turned out that Meghan, just 38, and Harry, 34, preferred the luxury of private jets to the promiscuity of commercial flights. The young parents of little Archie, 3 months, first borrowed a very exclusive flight to afford a few days of idleness in Ibiza, early August, before going on a round trip to Cessna for Nice, where the singer Elton John, a longtime friend of Princess Diana, Harry's mother, had invited them to his villa.

The journalists have released their calculators: the two round trips have contributed to the emission of 32 tons of carbon dioxide, assured the BBC's fact-checking team, either "More than six times the average annual emissions of a Briton and 111 times that of a Lesotho resident". At the time of the "flygskam" movement ("shame of the plane" in Swedish) and while the young activist Greta Thunberg, in agreement with her convictions, joined New York by sailboat? The tabloids gave themselves to their heart's content.

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Elton John himself eventually flew to the rescue of his guests on Twitter on August 19, sharing his "Deep affliction", and denouncing articles "Malware". "I wanted to give the young family a holiday in peace. To give them a necessary level of security, I offered them a private flight ", continued the star, who claimed to have paid carbon credits to offset the jet's emissions.

His intervention and that, in the wake of a handful of other celebrities (TV presenter and actress Jameela Jamil, or American TV star Ellen DeGeneres) have not been enough to calm the media game. It must be said that shortly before, the couple had given arguments to the tabloids, multiplying the evidence of their conscience "green" and progressive.

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