The Green Party can no longer be ignored


In politics as elsewhere, the good old principle of sausages could apply. More people eat it because they are cooler; they are cooler because more people are eating them. For the Greens, the more voters see their winnings, the more they think it's worth supporting them.

If becoming the official opposition in a province is a new milestone for the party, the Greens had already made inroads elsewhere in the country.

In British Columbia, the survival of the NDP government depends on the support of the three green MPs.

In Ontario, the leader of the Green Party now sits at Queen's Park.

In the Maritimes, greens have been represented in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick since 2014 and in Prince Edward Island since 2015.

Nothing to do with a green wave, but the little splashes everywhere on the Canadian political map do not go unnoticed.

Greens that make the NDP green

The New Democratic Party is well aware of the threat. For political training, being environmentally aware of a party that has the word "green" in its name now becomes more complicated.

To the point where, in the ranks of the NDP, we are now considering adapting to this reality by focusing on social policies, including the defense of the interests of the less fortunate.

But if there are fears that Elizabeth May's party will choke off some support for the NDP, it is believed that the Liberal Party could also pay the price.

Moreover, the Conservatives do not complain at all to see the greens gain visibility and hope that it will divide the vote to their left.

In the liberal ranks, we see things from another angle. It is believed that a Green Party that would defend environmental issues during the next campaign would allow Justin Trudeau to put his own proposals in the foreground, while highlighting the weakness of Andrew Scheer's. Voters who are concerned about these issues may be more likely to vote for the Liberals than for the Conservatives.

If the Greens can not yet hope to reproduce results comparable to those of Prince Edward Island in the next federal election, they still manage to talk about them. And that's the beginning of a recipe, not sausages, but a recipe in politics.

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