The grave of DJ Arafat profaned in Abidjan after his burial


For the most part, for security reasons, to avoid the burial of their idol, some fans of angry DJ Arafat, have engaged in a surrealistic scene after the departure of the officials and parents of the artist.

They unearthed the artist, they say, to make sure it was the body of "Daishikan" (one of DJ Arafat's nicknames).

Previously, an artistic vigil in honor of DJ Arafat took place at the Félix Houphouët-Boigny stadium in Abidjan where African and Ivorian stars and music as well as thousands of "Chinese" were there.

During this vigil considered successful, the "Chinese" of DJ Arafat had yet been disciplined.

The Ivorian artist-singer Houon Ange Didier said DJ Arafat considered the king of the coupé-décalé died August 12 in Abidjan after a motorcycle accident in Angré in the east of the Ivorian economic capital.

His death at the age of 33 has created a shock wave in the country and on the continent he was treated to many tributes.

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