The government will examine the legality of opening a hypermarket on Sunday


The Secretary of State for the Economy will check if the hypermarket of Angers, which opens on Sunday afternoon without cashiers, does not cause unfair competition.

Check that there is no "bypass" of the law. The government will examine whether the opening on Sunday afternoon in Angers of a hypermarket without cashiers is legal and if it raises competition concerns, said Tuesday the Secretary of State for the Economy Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

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"There are certainly automatic pay stations, but there is also a small staff, a security guard, etc. This staff works in service provision, so there is a question of whether there is a bypassing the law, "the minister told BFM Business about the opening of the La Roseraie hypermarket. A business without employees can open on Sunday without prior authorization, unless a prefectural decree prohibits it. In addition, all food shops are allowed to open on Sundays until 13 hours.

According to the communication of Casino, the opening of a hypermarket in which customers pay their purchases only by crates without staff is a first in France. But even before the official opening the unions were worried, and Sunday some 250 people had gathered in Angers against this opening.

Trends in consumption

The other point of concern is that of unfair competition that could result in the opening of the hypermarket on Sunday. "The second thing is to see what it creates both as an advantage for the French because it is a service but also as unfair competition vis-à-vis traders, including small independent traders," added the Secretary of State.

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Agnès Pannier-Runacher estimated that the government had done a "big job" on the opening of shops on Sunday which resulted in the finding of an "interest to expand the opening days". But she was more moderate on the issue of night openings: "I'm not sure we're very comfortable with the idea that we open every Sunday at any time and why not at night the shops, "she said.

According to her, "the subject must clearly be taken in concert with a view to balancing independent trade" and supermarkets on one hand, and on the other hand "the balance between physical and digital, because the digital is open all the time. On this last point, she said that "we can not ignore trends in consumption".

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