The goodbye of Philippe Brach


After traveling the festivals of Quebec, it's almost done for the show The silence of the flocks, that Philippe Brach presented for the penultimate time Friday night at 17e Emerging Music Festival (FME).

Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin
Charles-Eric Blais-Poulin
The Press

Chicoutimien, a regular at the Rouyn-Noranda Festival, went on stage at the Agora des Arts under the alias Pierre-Marc Gosselin, wearing a wig and wearing a long golden coat. "One is the Silences of the herds, a tribute band to Philippe Brach", launched the curly singer. "We will dive into his universe as in a esti of garbage bag full of mush". The tone was given.

Brach was in a splendid form; his audience too.

A rock and furious portion of Born to be wild will soon be right of the toupee, he ended up throwing in the crowd.

Alice, you wanted children … Everything worked for the performer and his four musicians. Their complicity was particularly palpable during the instrumental conclusion of My white hands, a free adaptation of Grandma's Hands. According to the legend told by the character Gosselin, the song was born in Rouyn, four years ago almost exactly, "after PKP shouted" In French, please "during the Greenland concert.

The presence of the troubadour on the boards of the FME was one of the last opportunities to fill up the humor and passion of Brach. A spectator even allowed himself to kiss him on the mouth during the very last song.

Brach anticipates a "long strike of musical absence" on stage and on record. "Until that comes out, but for now, it's not coming out," he said in an interview with Press before his concert.

"I have the impression that the last three albums, it has like a bubble in the same phase. I feel like taking a break, otherwise I'll shit all the time the same album, it does not tempt me. "

After fulfilling his professional obligations, the singer will fly for a three-month trip to Africa and count, on his return, on the writing of a novel and on projects youth, writing and television .

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