The foie gras soon banned in New York?


In the name of respect for aninal well-being, the sale of foie gras could be banned in New York City, which represents the most important outlet for this product in the United States.

New York restaurants could be prevented from serving foie gras. In any case, that is the purpose of a bill proposed to the City Council of the city, indicates The Guardian.

Carried by Democrat Carlina Rivera, the text provides for a fine of $ 1,000 and a one-year prison sentence for anyone breaking the law. According to the newspaper, the proposal garnered the support of Mayor Bill de Blasio and more than half of councilors. It should be examined in the coming months. Carlina Rivera denounces a force-feeding "Extremely painful" to get "A luxury product that is only served by a tiny percentage of New York restaurants and does not go into the food of its inhabitants".

Angry breeders

In an article entitled "Can New York City Live Without Foie Gras? We May Soon Find Out " ("Can New York live without foie gras?" The New York Times estimates that there are 1,000 restaurants serving foie gras in the city. Defenders of the foie gras deplore the attack of the policies against a product of luxury which they consider as an easy target.

Quoted by The GuardianMarcus Henley, head of one of the three farms producing foie gras in the United States, considers breeding to be harmless for animals. If the bill is accepted, it would deprive its farm of the country's largest foie gras market, and force it to go out of business, even if the farm itself will not be banned.

This law can have disastrous effects on a relatively poor rural community, in which 400 people are directly employed and hundreds more indirectly by foie gras producers in upstate New York.. "

If this ban is put in place, New York would join California, which has banned the production and sale of foie gras throughout the state since 2017. "New York is not the only city to consider such legislation. Chicago voted the ban in 2006, but the law was rescinded two years later, after being mocked by many residents, starting with the mayor of the city, Richard M. Daley, remember The New York Times.

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