The first images of the damage related to tropical storm Dorian in Martinique


Tropical storm Dorian hit Martinique. She leaves behind damage in Martinique. No casualties were reported. The first images.

Tropical storm Dorian, which crossed the West Indian arc on Tuesday, has done some damage in Martinique, including floods in the south of the island, placed in orange vigil heavy rain and thunderstorms and yellow vigilance for high winds.

The storm, which has now gone, leaves behind a collapsed road, a lot of cleaning in shops and homes and 4,000 homes without electricity. No victim is to deplore, says the prefecture.

Wait for the water to come down

The storm has crossed the south of the island of Saint Lucia and now goes back to the Caribbean Sea, says Météo-France.

In the south of Martinique Tuesday morning, it was necessary to circulate on the small winding roads and to slalom between the sections of lands which slipped on the roadway.

In Rivière Salée, on the main road of the island, the RN5, twenty cars were parked at the Petit Bourg roundabout, in front of Vauban barriers, facing the flood of the river. A motorist explains that he has been waiting for two hours with his pregnant daughter in the car, that the water comes down again.

Further south, at the La Mauny neighborhood in Rivière-Pilote, the road to downtown has collapsed. There remains of the roadway only a narrow passage that can be taken only on foot taking some risks.

On both sides of the hole, the onlookers are worried about the coming back, the water supply cut in neighboring neighborhoods and the river that has taken everything away.

Guadeloupe less affected

Rivière-Pilote, at the crossroads of two rivers, has always been flooded. The mayor, Raymond Theodosius, assures that "The curages already started have proved their worth. Water rises less than before. Tuesday, however, it rose to more than a meter.

From his house in height, Nicolas filmed a bus, parked 200 m higher, pushed by "Water waves". "We thought of people in the village. When we have water here, they take a lot there too. "

By 7 am, water and mud had flooded the shops and homes of downtown. In the early afternoon, everyone was already cleaning. In the snack, yet elevated, the owner has lost everything: "How do you want to elevate fridges and freezers? We anticipated how we could and we suffered. "

Nurseries and recreation centers had been closed preventively. Guadeloupe, less heavily affected, has also been placed in orange alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms, and yellow vigilance for high winds.

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The first images of the damage related to tropical storm Dorian in

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