The evolution of the market value of Yohan Cabaye during his career


August 31, 2019 at 22:10 by Thomas

New stage in Saint-Etienne, for Yohan Cabaye. The last of his career?

That a French international with almost 50 national capes come back in the French league is a very good thing. Should the marriage be good between Yohan Cabaye and ASSEbecause the midfielder out of seven months without playing club, it is an unknown for all parties. The risk is nevertheless minimal, because the player has signed a year by reducing his salary. At 33, Cabaye is no longer really concerned by the transfer market. At least not in the sense of compensation to pay to recruit.

Yohan Cabaye signed a year with ASSE

Not like when he left Newcastle for Paris Saint-Germain. The club of the capital paid 25 million euros his transfer to the Magpies, during the winter of 2014. This is the peak of his career in value on the transfer window, reached at the age of 28 years . The evolution as shown by its curve on the Transfermarkt platform is all that is normal and linear for a footballer. Yohan Cabaye avoided the big pitfalls of serious injury or prolonged sidelining. He has grown to maturity and now that the end of his career is slowly approaching, the trend is pulling down.

The evolution of the market value of Yohan Cabaye in his career, according to Transfermarkt.

PSG its most expensive transfer and the peak of its valuation

At the last evaluation of his profile, performed on Transfermarkt at the beginning of the summer, the neo-midfielder Saint Etienne was estimated at 2 million euros in market value. Saint-Etienne has not had any compensation to pay to recruit him, being free since the termination of his previous contract at Al Nasr in Dubai. AS Saint-Etienne is the sixth club frequented by Yohan Cabaye among professionals. He started at LOSC, before leaving for Newcastle, returning to France at PSG, then going back to Britain for Crystal Palace, then to Qatar. The native of Tourcoing in the North cumulates 43.9 million euros in compensation on transfers settled to recruit him.

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