The epidemic of rift valley fever is over in Mayotte


Infectious disease of viral origin, Rift Valley fever mainly affects domestic ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats) but can be transmitted to humans through contact with the blood of animals, mosquito bites, slaughter or cutting of livestock or consumption of raw milk.

143 human cases

Rift Valley fever has been circulating in the 101st French department since the end of November 2018. 143 human cases including 2 serious ones were reported to the Mayotte hospital center and 126 animals (100 cattle and 26 small ruminants) were reported to the authorities. health.It is manifested by a sudden fever, headache, muscle or joint pains for the benign form and eye disorders, liver disorders or convulsions causing death for severe form.

© ARS Indian Ocean

© ARS Indian Ocean


The ARS recommends to remain vigilant and to respect preventive measures since the rainy season, favorable to the resumption of the transmission of this disease, approaches.

It is therefore advisable to protect yourself from mosquitoes and, for people coming into contact with animals, to wash your hands with soap, wear gloves, goggles and a mask when slaughtering animals. For food, you must boil the milk, do not consume curd (a dish particularly popular in Mayotte especially at weddings), cook well meat and never consume meat from a sick animal.

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