the CSQ gives reason to the schools


(Montreal) The CSQ believes that principals are justified in refusing the request of parents who want their children to have a teacher who does not wear religious symbols.

Lia Lévesque
The Canadian Press

Asked about it Thursday in Montreal, the president of the Centrale des Syndicats du Quebec, Sonia Ethier, who represents the majority of primary and secondary school teachers in Quebec, said she thought that the question of the wearing of religious symbols by teachers had been sufficiently discussed at the parliamentary committee on the subject.

The Legault government decided, she said: teachers who already had a religious sign will be able to keep it, despite the new law on secularism of the state, since they enjoy a grandfather clause.

Parents have signed an open letter, published in the Wednesday edition of the daily The duty, claiming that their children have a teacher who does not wear religious symbols. They thus invoke the right to secular education.

The president of the central union wanted to reassure parents, reminding them that teachers have a duty of reserve and they will not therefore proselytize religious children.

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