the center left and the M5S agree for a government Tale 2


The 5 Stars Movement (antisystem) and the Democratic Party (center left) agreed Wednesday to form a government under the leadership of outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte but uncertainties remain on its implementation that will intervene only in the coming days.
A "political agreement was reached with the PD" to form a new majority of government, announced the leader of the Movement 5 Stars (M5S), Luigi Di Maio, after meeting President Sergio Mattarella.

The still "virtual" majority agreement between Five Stars and the PD ends three weeks of uncertainty, since the blasting of the coalition on August 8 by the leader of the League (far right) Matteo Salvini, strongman of the outgoing executive, then the resignation on August 20 of Guseppe Conte.

The new executive will again be led by Mr. Conte, and this "will be a guarantee" for the M5S, said Di Maio, criticizing his ex-ally Salvini for having early August "cut the current" of the coalition that 'They had been training for 14 months and left' 60 million Italians without government '.

Before Di Maio, the leader of the PD, Nicola Zingaretti, had already appeared optimistic after seeing the president, considering it possible to form a "government of change" that will give the floor to the beautiful Italy, the one where hope wins. on fear and harmony over hate ".

He had announced the development by the two formations of a "first political contribution to present to the president", namely a draft joint program.

The president did not immediately entrust the mandate to Mr. Conte, a spokesman only to announce at 8:00 pm his "convocation for 9:30 Thursday". It is likely that Mr. Conte will then be formally charged with forming a government.

According to the Italian parliamentary system, he will have to submit to the president a list of ministers and obtain the confidence of both houses of parliament.

"Several knots remain to be unraveled: the choice of ministers and the vote of the platform Rousseau", website of "direct democracy" of the M5S, warned Lorenzo Castellani, professor of Political Science at Luiss University in Rome, questioned by AFP.

"In Italy, as long as the government does not get the (absolute) majority in parliament, anything can happen."

Rousseau is very controversial for his lack of transparency and representativeness (only 100,000 registered voters, for more than 10 million voters in the 2018 elections). The vote could take place during the weekend.

Mr Conte finds himself in the "unprecedented situation for the Italian Republic to form a government with a formation that was just before the main opposition party," the DP, the political scientist said.

"We are not in a hurry"

Mr. Conte, popular in Italy, has won support in the last few days, first from the Europeans (France, Great Britain and Germany) at the G7 in Biarritz (France), then on Monday from the American president Donald Trump, who has qualified "very talented man".

Another question mark: the fate of Mr. Di Maio, outgoing Deputy Prime Minister, laminated by Mr. Salvini in 14 months of alliance and very weakened by the current crisis.

Salvini scoffed at a government that will be "hostage to ministerial portfolio hunters".

But the formation of this majority is a stinging blow for the former interior minister who said he was certain of the government's imminent fall: "we will not win in two months, we have to wait six months or a month. year to win? We are in no hurry ".

He denounced a government "formed on the indications of Paris, Berlin and Brussels", saying that "the only cement that unites the PD and the 5 stars is hatred for the League, the first party of Italy" , which got 34% from last May's Europeans.

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