The CAC 40 caught up by the inversion of the yield curve, Market News


" The main point is that yields keep falling, and in an accelerated way. This is perfectly summarized by Art Cashin, Director of Operations at UBS, the situation on the financial markets. This is indeed the reversal of the US yield curve – risks at two years (with a rate of 1.52%) are perceived as higher than those over the next ten years (1.484%) – which explains that the Dow Jones, initially rising, closed in the red on Tuesday night, losing 0.47%. The Nasdaq Composite followed the same path, declining 0.34%. The Cac 40 follows suit, yielding 0.28% to 5,371 points.

Increasingly frequent reversals, even for a few points, and closer, of the curve exacerbate the fears of the operators of a next rock in recession of the American economy.

The Cac 40 caught up by the reversal of the yield curve

The Cac 40 caught up by the reversal of the yield curve
The Cac 40 caught up by the inversion of the yield curve | Photo credits: Bloomberg

Investor sentiment also became clouded after Hu Xijin, chief editor of the Global Times in China, tweeted that " it is increasingly difficult for the United States to push (Beijing) to make concessions As the Chinese economy is increasingly focused on domestic growth. In fact, the government announced Tuesday measures to support consumption. It plans to partially lift or even cancel the restrictions on the purchase of vehicles that were put in place to fight against pollution. As a reminder, major cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, use a lottery system for the allocation of license plates, which can sometimes take years, but in the face of commercial risk, the government is ready to release the ballast .

Decisive day in Italy

Donald Trump's assertions at the Biarritz G7 summit that China has called on US negotiators to restart talks have been called into question by the Global Times, which states that there was no telephone conversation. " It is not difficult to understand the reluctance of investors for risky assets, the frequent interventions of the US President on Twitter and last week's bidding war on trade have considerably undermined confidence in the reliability of the US position on this issue "Says Michael Hewson of CMC Markets.

Closer to home, in Italy, the day promises to be decisive, a week after the resignation of Council President Giuseppe Conte. Will the man resume his position? In any case, the negotiations between the M5S and the Democratic Party lasted until late at night, and have given pride to the bickering. The two parties are due to meet again this Wednesday to negotiate a joint program and the distribution of ministerial posts. The weather is " positive Says the M5S, while the PD said to himself optimistic ". To be continued…

Dassault Systèmes, the biggest drop in Cac 40

On the values ​​front, the news is very calm this Wednesday. Business publications will resume for three results announcements, that ofEiffage, in the evening, then those of Pernod Ricard and Bouygues Thursday.

It should be noted, moreover, thatrating agency Standard and Poor's has decided to assign credit rating "A-" to the software publisher Dassault Systèmes, with a stable perspective. The title gives up 1.8%, in last position of Cac 40.

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