The adventure of the national team stops in the semi-final


Hope in team sports is a variable geometry concept. It grows and shrinks in a short time. Appears and then disappears as fast as a shooting star. It's a bit like the experience of the few hundred supporters who witnessed the elimination of the national handball team by Angola (24-27), Wednesday at the Sports Complex Mohammed V, on the occasion of the semifinal of the men's tournament of the 12th African Games (August 19-31).
At half-time, while the score was 11-14 in favor of the opponent, no one would have bet on a turnaround. But when the Nationals came back to the score at 46 '(20-20), the bleachers began to come alive more than ever and the improbable became possible. A strong breath emanated, pushing the Moroccans to achieve the feat.
This hope is born of a metamorphosis. After returning from the locker room, Noureddine Bouhaddioui's men showed more aggression in defense and a ten-fold concentration, all magnified by a boosted audience. Result, several interceptions and saves by goalkeeper Ouaali Jamal, fast transitions in counterattack and easy goals scored in empty cages, abandoned by the goalkeeper to create a digital superiority in possession phase. As for his Moroccan counterpart, he managed to keep his teammates in the match, but unfortunately, he could not do anything about their downsizing. Over the minutes, as if they were overspeeded, their physical condition was eroded, while the Angolans resumed the hair of the beast after having long done the round back without panic.
If the Nationals have lost their footing, it is also because of a staff management that leaves something to be desired. But not only. Indeed, the defense in 5-1 with an advanced player of the Angolans has enormously hindered the development of Moroccan attacks. And as the national coach has never been able to solve this equation, Moroccans have logically been eliminated. Although we must admit that it would have been otherwise if they had not lacked clarity at key moments of the game. Moments when they often missed the inevitable, like their exit, because before leaving the field, heads down, the players of the national team did not even have the courtesy to greet the public who has so much support.
As a reminder, yesterday, they had a chance to catch up in the small final that was to oppose the Algerians, brutally beaten early Wednesday afternoon by the Egyptians (40-23). You will have guessed it, the final was to oppose Egypt to Angola.

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