the 5 stars pose conditions at the birth of the new government


"Our program points are clear, if they do not fit into the government program, we will not be able to start, and then it will be better to return to the polls as soon as possible," Di Maio said Friday.

"Either we agree to carry it out, or we can not go further," he added, after meeting with the head of the government, Giuseppe Conte.

Di Maio notably rejected an amendment to the "security decrees" promulgated by the outgoing Minister of the Interior and his former ally the leader of the sovereignists Matteo Salvini.

"The problem of immigration is serious, concrete and it must be confronted competently in the respect of sensitivities expressed by the public opinion," he said, aware that much of the M5S approves the security hardening promoted by Salvini, during the 14 months of alliance M5S-League.

A senior leader of PD Graziano Delrio described Di Maio's ultimatums in Conte as "unacceptable", recalling that the Social Democrats "are committed to loyally supporting Mr. Conte's efforts" to form a government.

Previously, the boss of the PD, Nicola Zingaretti, had listed to Mr. Conte the "main novelties" of a joint program M5S-PD: a lowering of taxes for the means and low and wages "to stimulate consumption", a plan for employment, promoting the digital economy and the possibility of "making free the training of children from modest families from nursery to university".

Conte, appointed Thursday by President Sergio Mattarella to try to form an M5S-PD government, consulted for two days the different political forces ending Friday with the PD and the M5S with whom he must build a new government team.

He is expected to present by next Tuesday or Wednesday the composition of the government to President Sergio Mattarella before taking an oath ….

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