"The 12 strokes of noon": the old masters of noon they earn money during the match of the summer? : Current Woman The MAG


Since August 26, the most famous master of midday clash on the set of the show. If the champions are happy to meet, they have not lost the taste of competition. Who will be the best candidate of the show? We find Paul, current champion who has recently passed the 500,000 euros in earnings … but also Xavier, Benoit, Timothy or Lucia. They all agreed to participate in the program … voluntarily!

In an interview for Current wife, Jean-Luc Reichmann made some confidences about the rules of the match of the summer: "Every day, a noon master will be selected following pre-selections like a pool match!" There will be two team captains, Amel Bent and Kev Adams, who made his first TV with me so we must have provided a few images, you can imagine … The star will be for the association Premier de Cordée, besides Arsene Wenger, will come directly from London for us.

⋙ Why Tata Vero (12 strokes of midday) is absent from the big match of the summer

The facilitator revealed that the champions did not earn money: "The masters of noon come voluntarily and we play for the viewers with a meter. A pot will be incremented with a base of 30,000 euros and 500 euros for good response to the fatal blow, 5,000 euros per good response to master stroke … We will explode all counters but it makes me happy! " did he declare.

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