"The 12 Midday Shots". Jean-Luc Reichmann impressed by the metamorphosis of former midday master Sylvain


On the occasion of the Match of the summer, Sylvain, former master of "12 Coups de midi", appeared metamorphosed this Thursday, August 29 on TF1. And for good reason, the candidate for 75 wins has lost not less than 58 kg. A challenge he had launched in 2015 and whose success was warmly welcomed by the host Jean-Luc Reichmann.

" I said : "I will lose 40 kg if I cross a number of participations". And I crossed the number of participations in question. It's hard to get started, because it's a question of will … And then one day, I took the plunge. And today, I lost 58 kg »said Sylvain, not a little proud and smiling, this Thursday, August 29 on TF1 on the occasion of Summer match from the famous show the 12 Midday Shots.

Not very proud and there is something! The candidate, who had won € 355,500 after 75 wins in 2015, has passed from 133 kg to 75 kg in four years. An impressive metamorphosis greeted by Jean-Luc Reichmann on social networks.

"After doing an extraordinary job on himself, Sylvain revealed to me yesterday in the 12 Coups de Midi that he lost 58 kg. I personally wanted to congratulate him for this fantastic courage and his great perseverance that he had to have in arriving at this fabulous result which deserves all my gratitude. "

An important operation

"At that level it was really too much "serious" as overweight to go through a simple diet "Sylvain explained. So to be sure to carry out the bet he had launched, the candidate persevered and began an operation "Important".

A " pretty " Life lesson added Jean-Luc Reichmann, to the applause of the public.

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"The 12 Midday Shots". Jean-Luc Reichmann impressed by the metamorphosis of former midday master SylvainOuest-France.fr

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