Terrible crash in Fomule 2 at Spa (Spa)


Terrible crash in Fomule 2 at Spa

The race was immediately interrupted.

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The images are cold: the first of two Formula 2 races held on the sidelines of the Belgian GP, ​​this Saturday just after the F1 qualifiers, had a terrible accident from its second, at the Raidillon.

Four drivers, all rookies in Formula 2, were involved, the French Giuliano Alesi and Antoine Hubert, the American Juan Manuel Correa and the Japanese Marino Sato.

The son of Jean Alesi, the former F1 and Ferrari driver, lost control of his car in the climb and spun, before being hit by Hubert. The F2 of the latter hit the wall of tires on the right of the track before being hit hard by Correa. Under the violence of the shock, the Frenchman's mount was cut in half, while the American's one turned around.

The race was stopped immediately (red flag) and no news of the drivers has yet been given, except that Hubert, a young 22-year-old pilot supported by Renault, and Correa have been transported to the hospital.

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