Telegram: the high-speed messaging application to launch its cryptocurrency


According to a report published by the New York Times, the encrypted messaging service Telegram plans to launch its own cryptocurrency gram within two months. A project that has been hitherto constantly postponed …

Like Facebook with Libra, the Telegram mail service has planned to launch its own digital currency called "gram". The company created in 2013 by Pavel Dourov had been the subject of much success by raising no less than $ 1.7 billion in early 2018 to carry out his project. According to the information relayed by New York Times, the company planned to launch its cryptocurrency over the next two months.

Founded on a blockchain The new generation of digital tones, called "TON", aims to enable 200 million users of the e-mail service to make money transfers and pay for services around the world almost instantaneously. The company also planned to provide free to all its users an electronic wallet for storing cryptocurrency. Like bitcoin, gram is based on a decentralized structure that would not be controlled by Telegram.

Contractual deadline, regulators …

According to the conditions set with investors, Telegram must imperatively launch the gram before October 31, under penalty of having to repay all the sums received. It remains to be seen whether the company can succeed in this time to comply with the regulators. Knowing the problems currently facing Facebook with libra, nothing is less certain.

"Anyone attempting to implement this type of tokens system should exercise caution at all levels with regulators", alert in the US media Richard Levin, lawyer specializing in digital assets. "I suspect regulators will look at this offer very closely"he adds. Before launching a final version, the company planned to offer a trial version of the TON network and grids within the next two weeks. A case to follow …

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