Team USA completes its preparation by rolling (84-68) against Canada


Gregg Popovich set his team's priorities for the World Cup: defense and rebound. The second sector will be essential for Team USA during the competition, and when we see Myles Turner reign in the paint in the first minutes against the impoverished racket adversary, we see the direction of the game.

Donovan Mitchell starts his team and while the group of Nick Nurse does not find offensive solutions, it's 20-9 at the end of the first quarter. It's really not folichon and Team USA obviously does not intend to tire too much. Canada takes the opportunity to find a little address and come back, thanks to Kyle Wiltjer, Canada's best player on the field. The US team only leads 35-30 …

Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell then put a necklace, the back of the Jazz slams a pretty alley-oop almost on the buzzer, and Team USA took off (46-31) at halftime.

The match is bent, Canada being much too limited to go under ten points of difference. Gregg Popovich can turn, while Khris Middleton suffers terribly, between missed shoots (0/8) and lost balls (4). Everyone is bored and the Australian public has fun claiming Brook Lopez, little used by Coach Pop.

The fourth quarter is therefore a long "garbage time", Team USA did not have to force to control this Canadian workforce even more depleted than his. See you in China now for serious things.

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