Taxes, real estate, investments: the news of the autumn


Property rate less than 1%, new retirement savings: what changes with the return. (© H. Varlan)

Falling mortgage rates, the return of volatility on the stock market, the rebound in gold, publication of the ordinance reforming retirement savings: the summer was rich on the asset front. What you need to know to optimize taxes and investments in this 2019 season.

Managing your tax and wealth well means taking into account changes in the legislative, monetary and economic environment.

If the summer of 2019 was quiet enough in the financial markets, the news for your taxes and your investments are still numerous. Revenue has identified four.

Stock market: return of volatility since early August

Fears on the global growth front, geopolitical risks and the trade war between China and the US are disrupting the stock markets, which continue the sessions up sharply (+ 2%) and down sharply (-2%). Should we worry? Should we sell everything? No.

But the climate of increasing uncertainty and the high level of valuations, in Europe and especially in the United States (PER on 2019 results estimated to be greater than 17), should encourage caution.

Make sure the weight of the shares in your estate is compatible with your heritage goals.

Retirement savings: the reform becomes more precise with the publication of the texts of application

It's confirmed. There will be three new retirement investments: the individual retirement savings plan (Perin) which is intended to replace the Perp and Madelin, the collective retirement savings plan (Perco) in place of the retirement plan. retirement savings plan,


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