Taxes, gas, school … Everything that changes this Sunday, September 1st


Compulsory school at age 3, the price of gas slightly down, the rate of withholding tax … Overview of the changes that come into effect this Sunday, September 1, 2019.

Summer is over. The last holidaymakers are returning home, while others have already prepared school bags and other kits of rigor for back to school. The only moment of respite to get back in the bath is this Sunday, September 1st. It's time to fully integrate that the scrappage bonus is now less advantageous since August 1, and that many things are changing for this new year 2019: gas prices, end of the Sécu étudiante, change in the rate of levy to the source, compulsory instruction …

Decreasing gas prices

Regulated gas prices, applied by Engie to millions of French households, will fall on average by 0.9%st September, announced Tuesday, August 27 the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE). "This decrease is 0.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 0.5% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 1% for homes that heat gas. ", details the regulator.

In its deliberation, the CRE emphasizes that there has been an increase in Engie's supply cost. But this was more than offset by a smoothing mechanism decided at the end of June by the government, so that tariffs are finally behind.

This decline affects some 4.3 million households, or 40% of the French population. At 1st July 2019, regulated natural gas tariffs had already fallen by 6.8% on average and by 0.5% in August. These rates have been decreasing since December 2018.

Regulated gas tariffs, applied by Engie, will drop on average by 0.9% on 1 September. | VISACTU

Compulsory school at 3 years

Flanquer law flagship measure promulgated in July, the instruction becomes mandatory from the age of 3 years (against 6 years today). Only 26,000 children of this age did not go to school, especially in Mayotte or Guyana.

French flag in classes

Another measure, symbolic: the words of La Marseillaise, the motto "Liberty, equality, fraternity" and the French and European flags will appear in all classes from kindergarten to high school.

Free transport for children under 12 in Paris

The Paris council voted on Thursday, June 13, free public transport for children under 12 years and for disabled people under 20 years. This measure is being implemented this month. About 160,000 Parisian children attending primary and kindergarten, aged 4 to 11, are affected by this measure.

The 135 000 high school students see the pass rate imagine R halved.

Taxes: update of the withholding tax rate

Withholding tax does not exempt you from declaring taxes. Why ? Because this declaration allows in particular to update the withholding tax rate, applicable from September 2019. The current rate depends on 2017 earnings.

If your income or situation has changed, the tax authorities have recalculated your withholding tax rate.

Student Safety is over

It was created in 1948, the mutual student, passed from the Mnef to the LMDE, will stop definitely this Sunday 1st September. All students still affiliated will be attached to the general scheme of health insurance.

The extinction was scheduled: the law of March 2018 on access to the university had recorded the removal in two stages of the student social security scheme.

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Taxes, gas, school … Everything that changes this Sunday, September

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