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" What was missing at OL, against Bordeaux (1-1)?
We saw a lot of beautiful technical gestures, there was an overwhelming heat, and we led, but we did not know how to preserve our advantage. The expulsion of Thiago Mendes has put us in trouble. I want to see the pictures again, it seems to me severe.

You could have lost …
I'm sad, we led, and we ended up fighting to not lose this game. We still lose two points and that's what makes me sad.

The team is struggling to be dangerous when it has the ball. Is it something you have not worked on yet?
I do not agree. Nine goals were scored in the first two games. We have attackers who know how to score, who have talent. What penalizes us is not to kill the match.

What is your assessment of this first month?
We know how to defend in 4-5-1, we are not bad on the set pieces, and we scored nine goals. The problem is these evictions that make us lose points and our difficulties to kill the game. When you start building, you can expect highs and lows. We must change the mentality, better establish our superiority, have more conviction, do not lose points.

What are the potential positives?
I am satisfied with the way players assimilate concepts, they respond positively. It is rather the mentality when one loses points which poses me problem. On the pitch, you have to want to win, to fight. That's what counts. To go higher, you have to be ready to play every game. To be a great team, you have to change the mentality of the players. It was 35 ° C, but at 1-0, it became easier, the spaces opened, there were things to do, but we let the match go. You have to play 90 minutes to score. "

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