Sylvinho and OL face their first hurts


A double face. In four days of Ligue 1, Olympique Lyonnais has shown its good and bad sides. In the first two meetings, the Rhodanians have skirted AS Monaco and Angers. Redoubtedly effective offensively (9 goals scored) and strong defensively (0 goal conceded), the Gones had mostly displayed a conquering state of mind with a good pressing. However, despite this great start, there was still work to do for Sylvinho and his staff. And they could see it on the next two days. Tuesday in Montpellier, OL lost the score 1-0 and lost Youssouf Koné, expelled. Especially, Lyon showed a less attractive face. Faced with a very aggressive team from the MHSC, we sometimes had the impression to see the team that stammered as in pre-season. In this match, the fact that the sideways rise little has still posed problems since Moussa Dembélé, only in tip, was often too alone to try to receive the centers.

This Saturday against Bordeaux, OL, which was yet impervious in the first two games, conceded the draw 1-1, despite having led the score. Some elements did not necessarily score points in the image of Maxwell Cornet, holder. This draw leaves a lot of regrets to the Lyonnais and in particular to Anthony Lopes, since the OL had rather made an interesting first period. "It's hard to digest, it's us who let it go. It's two consecutive games where we finish at ten. I think it's not normal. We must have more maturity and master our meetings. We do the most difficult by scoring this goal. A 1-0 at home, we must not be joined in this way. Same observation from Sylvinho, whose comments are relayed by our colleagues from The Team. "We saw a lot of beautiful technical gestures, there was an overwhelming heat, and we led, but we did not know how to preserve our advantage. The expulsion of Thiago Mendes has put us in trouble. I want to see the pictures again, it seems to me severe (…) I'm sad, we led, and we ended up fighting to not lose this game. We still lose two points and that's what makes me sad.

Lyon still has work

Beyond the result, we saw an OL less conquering, sometimes less involved to make the effort, and not enough killers in front. An OL who seemed to have fallen back into last year's woes, although Sylvinho obviously needs time to change things completely. "There was a lot of helplessness. We also came down against a good team from Bordeaux, even if we are at home. We have to show a lot of positive things. We can not go back unfortunately. We lose two points for me, we do not win one ", admits Lopes. The conclusion is the same on the side of the Brazilian coach, who pointed out the shortcomings of his group. "I am satisfied with the way players assimilate concepts, they respond positively. It is rather the mentality when one loses points which poses me problem. On the pitch, you have to want to win, to fight. That's what counts. To go higher, you have to be ready to play every game. To be a great team, you have to change the mentality of the players. It was 35 ° C, but at 1-0, it became easier, the spaces opened, there were things to do, but we let the match go. You have to play 90 minutes to score ».

Sylvinho, who asks his team to be aggressive, must also teach him how to handle this so as not to go too far. Lyon has finished the last two meetings at ten. A point to work for Lopes. "We took a red pretty quickly. At ten against eleven against a beautiful team of Bordeaux in this heat, there is a little more space, we run a little more and automatically organisms get tired a lot. We can also take it on the positive side and say that we did not lose this game at the end of the game. It's still two points lost. This is not a stop (…) It's a little lack of maturity on our part. In Montpellier, it was an excess of nervousness. There, it is a pass a little less good. It's part of football. We must learn through all that and come out even better after meetings like this. OL will be able to use the truce to make adjustments. And it will take quite quickly since the month of September promises to be raised with the reception of Paris Saint-Germain or the debut in the Champions League.

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