Switched at Birth Season 4: Bay and Emmett, back on the most beautiful moments of the couple!


A story worthy of Romeo and Juliet! In the world of Switched at Birth, nothing is really very breathless. The intrigues are predictable, their issues often inconsistent, the pace is slow or very slow, the action is rarely at the rendezvous but relations are exploited wonderfully. And Lizzy Weiss' greatest achievement is, of course, the unique story that unites Bay and Emmett. And Vanessa Marano had also confided about the breakup. As unlikely as it may be, this duo is certainly what drove viewers to follow and to dedicate a passion for the series. She was free, independent and tortured when he was lonely, sensitive and protective. Living in two completely opposite worlds, it would have been difficult to imagine that they could one day make us vibrate and yet … Because the beautiful story of the deaf boy and the one that was exchanged at birth has nothing in common and will become even the main attraction of the show ABC Family. So let's pay tribute to this couple who is no longer one in us plunge back into their best moments.

Switched at Birth Season 4: Bay and Emmett, back on the most beautiful moments of the couple!

5. A dance for the least animal – Remember! In season 1, Bay and Emmett get to know each other. At that moment, no doubt for him. He is in love with Daphne while Bay feels rather intense feelings for Ty. Gathered by fate, the two characters become friends and find many common points. This new friendship is an incredible step for Bay who is starting to take an interest in sign language in order to communicate with Emmett. In this scene, we discover that Emmett, despite his disability, has the rhythm in his skin. He coaches Bay on an improvised track and shows him his dancing skills on a very particular melody where cries of animals are linked. Supportive and tender looks, there is definitely a spark between the two young people.

Switched at Birth Season 4: Bay and Emmett, back on the most beautiful moments of the couple!

4. The first kiss – As unexpected as it was adorable, this first kiss was at the height of the fans' hopes. As Bay leaves classes, Emmett is waiting for him in high school. If the young woman imagines that he is waiting for Daphne, in truth Emmett is here to declare his love. A confession to say the least since Emmett had never hidden his feelings for Daphne. Worse, Bay still lives a story with Ty even if it is rather a long distance relationship. Bay's features express wonderfully well: Is Emmett finally the one he needs? And even before she can digest this information, Emmett leaves the scene and leaves behind a Bay on the verge of asphyxiation. An incredibly romantic scene!

Switched at Birth Season 4: Bay and Emmett, back on the most beautiful moments of the couple!

3. Reconciliation – Mid season 3, it seems impossible for our two characters to be reconciled. Bay is in a relationship with Tank while Emmett has a heated relationship with a girl on the internet. Yes but now, the girl does not exist and is only an invention of a classmate decided to take revenge on Emmett. If Bay had tried to warn him, Emmett had not wanted to hear anything. But this mishap provokes a real click at Emmett who realizes that he still loves Bay passionately. Admitting that her feelings are still intact, Bay does not stand long before confirming that she is still in love with him. Accompanied by a delightfully romantic song, the two characters fall into each other's arms.

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2. I just want you – Emmett's magnificent statement is far from having left us indifferent. While Bay clearly doubts Emmett's feelings towards him as he seems to have a hard time agreeing to go out with a hearing young woman, Emmett has to go out and convince her that she is the only one in her eyes. And what's better for that than talking to him for the first time. In season 1, we learn, indeed, that Emmett does not wish to speak out loud. He feels good and does not want to talk like Daphne, for example. When he speaks to Bay that day, he proves forcefully that he does not want her.

Switched at Birth Season 4: Bay and Emmett, back on the most beautiful moments of the couple!

1. The consequences of the first kiss – A scene absolutely irresistible and one of the best of the couple. After the first unexpected kiss shared earlier in the episode, Bay decides to ask him for explanations. "I had everything planned, I was going home to paint while listening to Adele and sulking a little to talk about Ty, and you appear and you kiss me! You ruined everything, now I can not get out of my Why did you do it, do you make fun of me, do I represent something for you, do you use me to make Daphne jealous? I do not care, I'm just upset! " she said without taking a breath once. Calm and relaxed, Emmett will say only one thing to answer his monologue: "Are you done?" "Yes, I'm done, it's your turn!" And what a turn since the latter will kiss him passionately again. A moment that deserves its place on the first step of the podium!

And that's for this ranking meltynautes! We sincerely hope that this wonderful couple will find a way to find each other. While waiting for this summer, do not hesitate to dive into our review of the episode 10 of season 4 of Switched at Birth. And you, what is your top 5 best moments Bemmett?

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