Sudbury Arts Council Depolitizes Gala


This decision was made in light of feedback sessions with the arts community. Many expressed their discomfort with politics, says Sudbury Arts Council President Linda Cartier.

It was at the initiative of former Mayor Marianne Matichuk that this celebration was born in 2014.

Linda Cartier says that it is the Sudbury Arts Council with the support of the Regroupement des organizations culturels du Sudbury (ROCS) that is really getting the ball rolling. There is no funding from the City for this event.

Linda Cartier explains that it is the cultural organizations that organize the fundraisers in order to be able to offer money with the prizes.

With the title of the mayor in the name, some mistakenly think that it is the City that offers these scholarships, she adds.

The mayor speaks in front of a microphone and a lectern.

Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger at the Mayor's Celebration for the Arts 2015.

Photo: CBC / Josée Perreault

Visual artist Monique Legault hopes that this name change will give the event a second wind and that it will encourage more Sudburians to get involved.

Really, it was us (who did all the work), then we gave him this event with his name on it.

Monique Legault, visual artist

The woman who has been a member of the Sudbury Arts Council for the past two years is complaining about the lack of investment by current mayor Brian Bigger.

She is posing in her studio.

Monique Legault has an art gallery on Elgin Street in downtown Sudbury where she also does her creative work.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sophie Houle-Drapeau

President Linda Cartier also says that Brian Bigger has not been really involved since taking office. However, it states that it is not a question of vendettabut a desire to make the community understand that the city is not behind the event.

The City has not funded the operation of the Sudbury Arts Council for many years. However, the council received one-time grants for projects.

Neither the Greater Sudbury Mayor's Office nor Brian Bigger has yet to comment on the name change.

The musician and sound designer, Daniel Bédard, was not aware of the name change before being contacted by Radio-Canada. He was one of the recipients of the last Mayor's Celebration for the Arts in 2018.

As for me, it is not the name that is important, but that we continue to value the arts and artists of Sudbury

Daniel Bédard, musician and sound designer

The Sudbury Arts Council is already planning the Sudbury Arts Celebration to be held on June 4, 2020.

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