Study: red wine would be good for the intestines


No need to justify yourself to open a bottle of red wine. According to English researchers, this alcoholic drink could be good for the health of our intestines. Thank you science!

Although very controversial, there are many studies that recommend frequent drinking Red wine. Reduced risk of anxiety, depression, oral problems and even help with weight loss, rumors are going well. An English study, published August 28, 2019 in the journal Gastroenterology, again supports these words. According to scientists, drinking red wine could be good for intestinal flora.

To arrive at such a conclusion, researchers from King's College London studied the behavior of 916 twin sisters (because genetically identical and often growing up in a similar environment) with respect toalcohol– Beer, wine, cider and strong alcohols – to study the diversity of gastrointestinal microbes, better known as microbiota. Their results are clear: the benefits of alcohol are visible only on the intestines of those who drink red wine, their bacterial diversity is better. Red wine thus favors the diversification and multiplication of good bacteria in the gut microbiota. "The greater the diversity, the better for us, to prevent diseases and better metabolize food"explains Caroline Le Roy, lead author of the study. Too much imbalance between good and bad bacteria can, conversely, affect the immune system, cause weight gain or cause the appearance of cholesterol.

According to scientists at the origin of this investigation, such a correlation could be explained by the presence of polyphenols, a fuel for the good microbes, contained in the Red wine. However, this study, like many others, is to be taken with tweezers since other invisible factors can play in this link of cause and effect. Above all, they point out that such consumption is not obligatory. "Although we have observed an association between red wine consumption and intestinal microbiota diversity, drinking red wine infrequently, for example once every two weeks, seems to be enough to observe an effect"says Caroline Le Roy. We insist therefore: the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health.

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