Still places in French daycare?


Public Francophone public day care centers in Regina are already full or almost full.

The Gard'amis Education Center no longer has spaces for its three age groups: infants from 7 weeks to 17 months, toddlers 18 to 30 months and preschoolers who are between 2 and half and 4 years old.

At the Parc Education Center, headmistress Hassina Atek says that her three nursery spots have quickly found takers and that 10 parents are currently on a waiting list.

Hassina Atek says that on the side of preschool children, he has little availability of the 38 places in his establishment.

We never have enough offers of services in French.

Hassina Atek, Director of the Park Education Center

Hassina Atek assures that with the inscriptions of the return, it is only a question of time before reaching its maximum capacity of reception.

Despite the recent opening of the educational home Gard'Amis at the beginning of the year and the Park's Educational Center in 2018, the need for Francophone child care spaces is still crying in the capital, according to the Director of the Gard Education Center. 'friends, Sylvie Gaudreault.

Fransaskois parents will have the choice if they want to move to the private side, where some places are still available, depending on the location.

There are childcare centers that have room, others that always have a waiting listsays Khady Bodian, director of the KeurDiarraye day care center.

For the president of the Association of Fransaskois parents, Philolin Ngomo, the situation is worrying. Every day, many parents tell me that they do not have the opportunity to enroll their children in Francophone day care. They are worried, because by registering their children at the Anglophone daycare, there is already the idea of ​​the language that the children will lose, he says.

In Saskatoon

Needs do not diminish either in the city of Bridges.

At the Félix le Chat Educational Center, 30 children are on the waiting list for infants, 9 for toddlers (19 to 30 months) and 3 for preschoolers.

The waiting list for infants extends to 2021.

Camille Lapierre's Profile.

Camille Lapierre reports that a consultant conducted a feasibility study to determine early childhood needs.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Olivier Ferapie

Families register as soon as moms learn that they are pregnant.

Camille Lapierre, President of the Parent Association of the École canadienne-française in Saskatoon

The Parents' Association of the École canadienne-française in Saskatoon has been studying since March the possibility of setting up a second day-care center in the school, possibly in connection with a second elementary building.

With information from Omayra Issa and Émilie Dessureault-Paquette

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