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After the teaser that hinted at the laughter of Palpatine's character, the fans began to make assumptions, on which J.J. Abrams returns.
In general, you do not come back from the dead. After, when we talk about the saga Star Wars, the border between the possible and the improbable is blurred from the initial postulate that places the story in a very distant galaxy a lot, a long time ago. Anyway, even in the fictional universe of George Lucas's imagination, when we're underground, we stay there, except when we go to see our friends after turning into a bluish ectoplasm, decked out with a stupid smile.
So when fans heard Emperor Palpatine's (Ian McDiarmid) devilish laughter identifiable by a thousand at the end of the first teaser of Skywalker's Ascension, they legitimately voiced some reluctance. As a reminder, the Emperor was killed by Darth Vader in STar Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi.
The D23 poster finally confirmed the return of Dark Sidious, who orchestrated the fall of the Republic, the destruction of the Jedi Order, and the seizure of power by the Sith Empire. At first glance, it's hard not to blame J.J. Abrams for simply digging into what has already been done to ensure a successful fan service in connection with the conclusion of the Skywalker narrative arc. (and also a badass villain than Snoke).

Photo Ian McDiarmidThe infamous Emperor Palpatine interpreted by Ian McDiarmid

In an interview with MTV, the director who has already overseen Star Wars: The Force Awakens had to reassure and even sought to enthuse the fans about the character's return:
"The Emperor is part of our story and I can tell you that he will not be here to cuddle, I can not wait for you to see where you are going." There is a good reason why put it on the poster. "
Daisy Ridley who plays Rey also had a say on the presence of Lord Sith in a recent interview with IGN:

"It's the biggest villain in Star Wars history, now that we shot the movie, I think it could not have happened otherwise, he had to come back. important in the story of the film, it does not just reappear, everything is explained. "
Now, it only remains to be patient. Star Wars: The Ascension of Skywalker will answer all our questions from December 18th in France. In the meantime, to see or see the last trailer, that's it.

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