Spain's ex-coach Luis Enrique announces his daughter's death from cancer


The former coach of Spain Luis Enriquewho had left his post in June for "family reasons", announced Thursday the death of his daughter Xana, aged nine, from bone cancer.

"Our daughter Xana died this afternoon at the age of 9 after struggling for five intense months against osteosarcoma"a very aggressive bone cancer," he wrote in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

"We will miss you a lot but we will think of you every day of our lives", added Luis Enrique, 49, who had initially left in emergency in March a rally of the Spanish selection"for family reasons of force majeure"before resigning from his post in June.

"We are grateful for all the signs of affection we have received during these months and we thank you for your discretion and understanding"added the former FC Barcelona player and coach.

Appointed in the summer of 2018 at the head of theRojaLuis Enrique was replaced in June by his deputy Roberto Moreno.

After the announcement of the death of his daughter, Luis Enrique received many marks of support.

"Mister, all our support and affection for you and your family. There are no words, but we will always be by your side,"said the captain of the Spanish squad Sergio Ramos.

"May Xana rest in peace", wrote Atlético striker Madrid Alvaro Morata, concluding a tweet with similar content.

Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales and Spain's big rivals Barça and Real Madrid also sent messages of condolence to the coach.

The emotion has overtaken the world of football. "I am very sad and I can not even imagine the pain of the family", wrote the tennis star Rafael Nadal.

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