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Guillaume Pepy said it last year: the SNCF intends to "engage fully" behind the hydrogen train. The CEO announced today that the construction of fifteen trains should be registered soon.

Things are starting to become clear in France for the hydrogen train. Invited on BFM TV Thursday, August 29 to speak at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the CEO of SNCF Guillaume Pepy confirmed the desire of his group to switch to gear more environmentally friendly. And to achieve this, the engine based on this chemical element present in abundance has the rating.

" What's interesting about this is that the train only discharges water Says the head of the company, on departure – he will be replaced at his post on January 1, 2020. " No particles, no pollutants, no difficulties with respect to ecology He continues. This is much better than the hybrid train, which is based on a mixed use that only partially meets the climate challenge.

Guillaume Pepy
Guillaume Pepy, in 2016. // Source: École Polytechnique – J.Barande

Fifteen first trains soon ordered

The difficulty, in fact, is that there is everything to build, or almost. The good news, however, is that the project should experience a significant advance in the coming weeks, according to Guillaume Pepy, with the signing, between the SNCF, the State, six regions, Alstom (a French group specialized in railway equipment) of the contract to build about fifteen hydrogen trains ".

" It will be a first in France "He is already happy. Alas for Guillaume Pepy, he will not see them in action as the boss of the SNCF: their circulation on the rail network is not expected before two or three years. It is his successor who will recover the file and will be responsible for developing it. Because the long-term goal is obviously to go beyond these first fifteen trains.

" The objective is that there is no longer a single diesel train on the French rails in 15 years ", According to the boss of the French rail, that is in 2035." It is extremely ambitious because today there are still 20% of trains that are diesel ". These figures are known: the SNCF evoked them already in November 2018, when Guillaume Pepy said that the SNCF goes " engage in it thoroughly, because it's a real solution ".

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