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Thursday, August 29 TF1 broadcasting Time is assassin. A mini-series of eight episodes directed by Claude-Michel Rome, with the cast, Mathilde Seigner, Fred Testot, Thierry Godard, Caterina Murino, Grégory Fitoussi, Esther Valding but also Jenifer. This thriller adapted from Michel Bussi's novel focuses on the character of Clotilde returns to Corsica twenty-five years after a tragic accident that cost the lives of his brother and his parents. But just arrived on the island, strange incidents multiply until she receives a letter from her mother, Palma, presumed dead in the accident.

If viewers (more than 5 million or 26.1% of market share largely ahead of the new episode of Beijing Express M6) have been delighted with the first two episodes of the series, many who have read the best- seller were disappointed. And the reasons given on social networks are multiple: the game of actors, or the lack of fidelity of the series compared to the book: "But it is not at all the same story as the book of Michel Bussi Disappointed, I zap! "," I read the book and I do not understand the episode, am I the only one? "," TF1 had accustomed us much better as 'series of the return' these two In recent years ("The Mante", "Unsuspected"). Big disappointment there, "or" In fact, it's a mix of "more beautiful life" "tomorrow belongs to us" and "such a great sun". "

Many disappointed who hope nevertheless, an improvement on the next six episodes …

And despite the criticism, the author, he, expressed his satisfaction on his account Twitter. "I am very proud of the broadcast on TF1 of the series Time is assassin ! Congratulations to the whole team ! It's up to you to play the game of similarities and differences with the novel … Nice end of summer to all ", he wrote.

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