She files a complaint after being forced to give birth alone in her cell


An American woman complains after giving birth alone in her cell in Denver. She accuses the city and the medical staff of not listening to her calls for help

She gave birth for five hours, alone in the prison cell in Denver. Diana Sanchez is now filing a complaint against the city and medical supervision. On July 31, 2018, the young woman gave birth to a baby boy. Surveillance cameras alone watch her, lying on her bed screaming in pain, before deciding to remove her pants to give birth. Only an absorbent towel is then provided, slipped under her door so that she puts it on her mattress. It is only after delivery that a nurse comes into the cell to recover the newborn. "To say that it is a medical act is a joke," denounces the mother's lawyer, quoted by ABC News.

The complaint on Wednesday indicates that prison officials "cruelly chose convenience rather than compassion" by not calling for an ambulance early in the job. The complaint also complains that no nurse dried or warmed the baby or removed the mucus from his mouth for several minutes immediately after birth and that the prison nurses did not have equipment to cut the umbilical cord. Firefighters arrived about 15 minutes later. "I know I was there because I was guilty of making a mistake – but I did not deserve that, especially not my baby," Diana Sanchez said.

The Denver County Sheriff's Department said Thursday that a policy protecting pregnant women during their delivery has since been implemented. "Denver Health provides high quality medical care to thousands of inmates each year," the city's health department responded.

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