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This camera has a certain resemblance to its rival Xiaomi, but with the audacity to do a little more … in any case on paper. Full HD and motorized, it also offers a software tracking feature and a very affordable cloud registration offer. The promise would not it be a little too beautiful? The Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera is the other Chinese camera that surprised us on the occasion of our comparative record of surveillance cameras. Sold about 50 euros (even if it is regularly displayed in promotion to less than 40 euros), this Yi is therefore directly opposed to the Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360 (40 euros) which we recently published the test. The technical basis is essentially the same since both cameras film in Full HD, have a MicroSD slot for storing local records and are mounted on a rotating head to scan their environment as widely as possible. Now, we will see that on this last point, the Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera takes the advantage on the Xiaomi camera.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

Technical specifications

On paper Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera is very promising with its motorized head and its tracking function. The reality, however, is not so beautiful.

  • Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)
  • Angle of vision : 112 degrees
  • Food : 220V or USB sector
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • Storage: MicroSD card (not included)
  • Online storage offer: on subscription from 20 € / year
  • Accessory (s) delivered: 2 meter USB cable, non-rotating wall mount
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 9.3 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 230 grams

Integrated software tracking function

It is by its function of subject tracking that Yi camera is distinguished from its rival Xiaomi – besides the aesthetic appearance. As we mentioned in our file, this one does not have a real presence sensor like the Bosch 360 Camera.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

Here, it is the sensor and the software that follow up and, if the subject does not move too fast in the room, it works relatively well. Do not expect to enjoy a zoom function, like the Nest Cam IQ indoor, but at this price level, it's already not bad. During our first tests, we had identified a strange behavior of this follow-up, with untimely returns in central position. Faults that have visibly faded with time.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

On the other hand, we regret that the too limited intelligence of the camera does not allow the use of noise detection to guide the framing. Let's explain: despite the wide field of view (112 degrees) of the Yi Home 1080p Dome camera, it is possible that an intrusion is done outside of its surveillance. Noise detection could have allowed the camera to turn its head depending on where the sound came from, but this is not the case. Too bad this price level does not provide such technical equipment.

Acceptable daytime image quality

Of course, with a product at 50 euros, it is better not to have too high expectations concerning image quality. Also, it is no surprise that we find that this camera Yi is content, in a way, the essential and in broad daylight.

Yi tech camera

In the capture above, we recognize our face, while we are still in front of the lens. At first glance, the rendering is quite flattering to the eye. The colors are relatively faithful, as long as the room is bathed in light. We still notice a kind of vignetting effect in the edges of the image that betrays a medium quality optics.

Yi tech camera

Of course, and like many of its rivals, the image quality at night is much worse … and even bad in the present case. In fact it is even one of the worst in this area among those we tested in our case. The above capture speaks for itself, it is a real porridge of pixels that will be unusable in case of need.

Software and hardware ergonomics

This poor quality of night vision is all the more regrettable as the mobile application offers many features. It is possible, with a single click on the dedicated icon of the application, to ask the camera to take a panoramic shot of the room.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

This avoids repeatedly pressing the arrows to move the head of the camera. Note that, as with the Xiaomi camera, the very efficient video stream compression provides smooth image feedback and fast interactions with the camera.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

It is even possible, in the application options, to activate a permanent auto scan function, or schedule schedules. During the period, the camera will perform a total or partial scan of the part, depending on the selected area. Really not bad!

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

Yi also thought about the different functions to adjust the sensitivity of detection to limit false alarms, or the ability to create a schedule during which surveillance is active.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

On the side of thematerial ergonomics, the Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera Made in the low end: the shell is all plastic and the small power cable (two meters) will probably not facilitate your installation. Yet the camera can be placed on a piece of furniture, for example, that is fixed to the ceiling or the wall thanks to a support delivered by the manufacturer.
Just like his Chinese rival, it's on a MicroSD card that the videos are stored, but the manufacturer does not deliver them in the box. We therefore recommend ordering at least one 16 GB. Given the low flow required, it is useless to choose a vaunted one for its high read and write speeds.

Yi Home 1080P Dome Camera

Note that, unlike the Xiaomi, it is not possible to transfer videos to a home network drive. On the other hand, the manufacturer proposes relatively affordable cloud storage offerings. Count for example, 60 euros in the year for a camera in continuous recording or 20 euros a year for recording on motion detection, always for a camera.If we can not know for sure where are stored our data and videos, the Chinese manufacturer seems to want to do what is necessary to reassure us. When creating the account, a message appears on the screen stating that the data is encrypted on the fly. It's impossible to say that your data is absolutely secure and inaccessible, but let's not be totally mistrustful. Especially in addition to the traditional password, the application also proposes to use a four-digit code or the fingerprint reader, if the smartphone is compatible.

Finally, note that this camera Yi supports interactions with the Alexa assistant, but obviously not for French versions. We did not find the " Skill "Adapted to connect to our account, no more than the extension Yi to add it to our Google Assistant account.

Yi Home 1080p Dome Camera: Clubic Review

A motorized camera, Full HD, with an effective mobile application, all for a fifty euros … the promise was too beautiful. However, the only real weakness of this camera is essentially in the quality of its night vision. If it had not been so bad, we could have given a good rating to this camera which is pleasant to use and compatible with a very affordable cloud offer. Too bad, because this weakness seems to be due to a technical insufficiency that simple software updates could not completely correct … Even if we can always believe it.

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