Several quarters of Abidjan paralyzed after the burial of DJ Arafat: Several wounded


Several neighborhoods in Abidjan remain paralyzed as a result of violence after the burial of DJ Arafat.

While everything went well in the discipline until the burial that Saturday morning of DJ Arafat, fans angry at not having access to the cemetery have gone so far as to profane the tomb of the Daishikan. They even took the coffin out of the grave to convince themselves that it is the body of their champion who is there.

As a result of this despicable act there followed clashes with the police and the police. Violence in which we count wounded. Other sources evoke deaths.

These clashes with the police and security forces eventually spread to some neighborhoods in Abidjan where fear is increasingly invading the population. Breaks of public and private property are registered in some districts of Abidjan.

The prefect of Abidjan called for restraint of protesters.

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