School Brigadiers: Labeaume attacks union


Régis Labeaume was keen on Friday afternoon at the union of school crossing guards, which he says "uses the children to put weight in [his] negotiations union".

This is what the mayor has put forward during an impromptu press on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Diamond. He reacted to an exit the day before by the union, which denounced a cut of 20% in the schedules of the brigadiers.

"It's scandalous. Brigadier schedules were adjusted to school schedules. There is absolutely no less service. We even increased the number of brigadiers, "said the mayor.

According to him, "they [union spokespersons] lie brazenly". "We had brigadiers who made useless time and paid uselessly. Never will the safety of children be at stake. Shame on these unions. Shame on those people. Using children is outrageous, it's despicable, "he said.

Confirming the 20% cut in the Brigadiers' schedules, Labeaume said that there was "20% of the time that was useless. Generally and often, the brigadiers were in their cars. We do not have to pay for it.

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