Sagnol evokes the track of Dybala


And you sagnol in Bordeaux he replaced you by Ulrich Ramé, that is to say.

To learn more about this Rainer Schrey, Le Parisien went to question Nevan Subotic, Serbian defender of Union Berlin who knew the German trainer in Dortmund with Thomas Tuchel. And the least we can say is that Schrey's sessions are particularly trying to believe Subotic.
Initially, I wondered if some of the exercises were really part of football, so strange they were. But quickly, we realized that it worked in match. Nevertheless, Rainer was sometimes limited in his relationship with some players. He had been ruthless with the young Turk Emre Mor at Borussia Dortmund. He had imposed a hellish session and including crawling around the pitch for long minutes, which was shocking. Several players had complained of too much physical work and the fact that we were leaching late in the game, Subotic said.

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