RWDM: Vanderbiest T1, Stilmant T2



While the appointment of the Brussels seems to be confirmed, the arrival of the coach Rebecq Machtens is a huge surprise.

After the dismissal of Drazen Brncic, rumors about the name of his successor at the RWDM did not take long to reach the Machtens Stadium. Very quickly, two names emerged, those of Albert Cartier, who coached FC Brussels in the past, and Fred Vanderbiest, former RWDM player who has never hidden his love for the club Molenbeekois.

Finally, the choice would be Vanderbiest, which would leave his post T2 in Mechelen, as we report several sources and as clearly stated by our colleagues in the Dutch-language press.

On the other hand, the Bruxellois would not be landing alone at the Machtens stadium because since this morning, several sources have confirmed that Fred Stilmant left his coaching job at Rebecq (D2 amateurs) to join the RWDM staff.

A coach who, a few days after the qualification of his club for the round of 32 of the Belgian Cup, had harsh words with regard to his players Wednesday night after the defeat in the league at Meux (2 -0).

Information that will be formalized this afternoon at the press conference organized by the club molenbeekois.

Relive the RWDM press conference

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