Romelu Lukaku responds to Gary Neville's criticism: "He does not have to question my professionalism"


Gary Neville, a consultant and a former Manchester United player, has been sharply critical of the Red Devil's fitness in recent weeks.

Romelu Lukaku had a tough summer on Manchester United, eagerly awaiting the conclusion of his transfer to Italy. Now that he has made his debut with Inter Milan, the Red Devil wants to turn the Mancunian page and respond to the various criticisms he has received. Including those of Gary Neville, consultant and former player of ManU.

Neville described the Belgian striker on social networks as a player overweight who weighs more than 100 kilos " with a " lack of contagious professionalism ". " He can talk about my physics Says Lukaku in an interview for the BBC, " but he should never talk about my professionalism or say that I do not work hard enough ". " He can not say that. All the coaches I worked with said the same thing about me. What did Older Gunnar Solskjaer say about me in Manchester? That I worked hard, that I always did my best to improve myself. Jose Mourinho said the same thing, Roberto Martinez too, and now Antonio Conte says it too. He does not have to question my professionalism. "

The Red Devil does not intend to be undermined by negative comments about him, nor to get angry. " We must move on. I will not sit and attack him publicly. We are two adults and I do not have to react negatively. He's a consultant, he's paid to say that kind of thing. I am paid to play football. "

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