Romain (The 12 Coups) as a couple: he presents his Marine companion


Last day of competition for the Midday Masters who participated in Summer match of the 12 Midday shots. Timothy, Lucia, Xavier, Cyril had already their place for the premium which will be broadcast Saturday, August 31, 2019. But there was still a competitor to complete the teams this Friday, August 30, new participants have therefore clashed. Among them was Romain, the Essonne firefighter who had participated in the program in 2017. And the latter announced a very good news to the public.

Like every show start, Zette's voice introduced all the candidates. And when Romain's turn came, she revealed that he was no longer single. A new quickly confirmed by the main interested. A little later in the show, the host Jean-Luc Reichmann asked the fire man if he had come with his dear and tender, named Marine. It was indeed the case, the cameras have thus unveiled the face of the happy elected.

Timothy had meanwhile announced a sadder news. Interviewed by TV Entertainment last August 23, he had confided to no longer be in a relationship with Floriane: "No … I'm single again! We had a couple at the end of my stay, so all the time in our history, she had done with my little notoriety … It's not that that separated us."

It should be noted that Benoît qualified at the end of the show to participate in premium next Saturday.

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