Roger Federer: "I'm fed up and I'm tired of being told that I'm doing the right thing" – US Open (H)


"How do you analyze your clear victory against Daniel Evans?
It was good today (Friday), under different conditions. I managed to adapt and do the job. I did not play at the beginning of the game this time. Daniel did not do much, unlike the times before when I had faced him, where he was trying to strike hard forehand and get on with his backhand. I feel he wanted me to make mistakes. Conditions were faster today. Gradually, I felt more and more comfortable and very confident. It's a nice feeling after the last two games.

Evans finished his previous match Thursday at 6 pm How much do you think you have benefited by playing in the first session the next day?
Whatever time he finished, I had an advantage. But is it a big difference to play at noon or 2 pm? Not really. Even though every hour can count. There is this rule of 16 hours between the semi-finals and the final for this reason, otherwise you may not have the time to recover physically, but also mentally. The programming was not favorable to him, it's not fair that I play my match under the roof and that I rest the next day while he battle three, four hours against Apulia. The problem starts there. It's tennis, it's entertainment and the show has to go on. I may have lost games because of that. I won too. Luck was on my side. I understand Danny if he's a little frustrated.

Did you ask to play during the day?
I do not remember asking anything. I did not do it intentionally anyway. I do not even know if my team asked for a day session. I know we were asked our preference. But that does not mean 'Roger asks, Roger gets.' 'Remember that because I've heard that bullshit too often. I'm fed up and I'm tired of being told that I'm doing the law. It's tournaments and televisions that decide. We can give our opinion, that's all we do. But if I'm scheduled at 4 in the morning, I'll still go on the court. "

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